Facade building with expanded metal

Expanded metal or stretch metal sheets are often used as a secondary facade and cladding for creating a bright shadow and texture on the building's facade in the expanded view of metal.

Important advantage of expanded/stretch display.

Expanded mesh's important advantage is its wide variety of dimensions, colors, and materials, which provide both style and strength, as it is resistant to external forces such as wind. Stretch metal sheets do not break or shatter when hit and only change their local shape. Additionally, due to the shape and indentation features of the mesh, it is capable of absorbing and deflecting forces such as expansion, contraction, and earthquake forces.

In general, these panels have numerous applications in the construction industry and urban design, and are considered as suitable materials for creative and visionary designers and architects.

نما ساختمان اکسپندد متال
نما ساختمان اکسپندد متال

Expanded metal and stretched metal panels used in the facade of residential and commercial buildings can be made of ordinary colored iron, galvanized, aluminum, brass, copper, or steel. Each metal has its own unique characteristics. For example, aluminum is lightweight and has a suitable lifespan, steel has very good strength, and copper is known for its beauty.

Usually, to install expand metal panels or stretch metal on the façade surface, a substructure network is required consisting of horizontal and vertical hollow sections. These members can be made of aluminum, iron, galvanized steel, or stainless steel.

طراحی و اجرا نما ساختمان با اکسپندد متال
اجرا نما مدرن ساختمان با اکسپندد متال
Usually expanded metal / stretch metal façade is used as the outer covering of curtain wall glass, as well as a light regulator and a sun shade in hot day times, which while benefiting from the advantages of curtain wall glass facades (indoor brightness, open view, and outdoor scenery), makes it possible to create shade and reduce unwanted light. In addition to the mentioned cases, the stretch metal façade has the duty of protecting its underlying layers and providing a space for lighting and creating an attractive and spectacular night view. These members can be made of aluminum, iron, galvanized, and steel.

Expanded metal / stretch metal safety

Expanded metal or stretch metal are highly safe due to the mentioned reasons and can protect the facade and increase security in earthquake situations.
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