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Expanded Metal

Namagostar Tiam Company is a provider of various stretch metal and expanded metal sheets in Iran. They are proud to produce and design sheets in various thicknesses and sizes for industrial and construction applications using aluminum, steel, and iron alloys.

Expanded (also known as Stretch) in the dictionary means widened, extended, and stretched, and is synonymous with the word “Stretch”. In the industry, it refers to a special process for producing metal mesh. This method involves simple cutting and stretching steps, all of which are performed by a single machine, and during which metal sheets are converted into meshes with unique properties without any waste or scraps. The absence of waste and the simplicity of the production process will result in energy savings, reduced production costs, and preservation of the country’s capital.

Expanded metal/stretch metal.

In contemporary architecture, expanded metal / stretched metal sheets are used as the exterior façade or surface protection of glass facades in residential and commercial buildings. These can be executed in simple or intricate surfaces. By changing the direction of installation, a surface with diverse textures and patterns can be achieved.

Applications of stretch metal in interior design.

Due to the fact that expanded metal/stretch metal is very light and cheap while maintaining durability and stability, it is commonly used in the construction of handrails and railings, roof shelters, balcony railings of buildings, pedestrian walkway floors, partition walls, and protective wire mesh fences. Additionally, because of its aesthetics, efficiency, and strength, which are considered the characteristics of modern materials and products, the material is widely used.

Expanded/Stretchable netting

The produced mesh using the expanded/stretch method differs from other types of mesh in the following ways: A beautiful and unique shape due to the expanded eyelet. Possibility of producing dense and thick texture for special purposes such as expanded metal facades, interior decoration, false ceilings, or load-bearing floors. Increased moment capacity and load-bearing ability due to the edges created in the eyelets, which are specific to expanded mesh.

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